The Pink Chic
This flower vase is a combination of two pink shades of four dozen pink carnations and pastel roses,..
This bouquet is the harmony of four dozen pink and white carnations. The white and light violet wrap..
Feminine Precision
This red and pink flower vase can be suitable for a lot of special occasions such as your friend's b..
After Rain
A lovely and warm flower basket full of colorful shades. Four dozen pink carnations and some pink an..
My Only Princess
This basket brings out the elegance that blooms from the four dozen beautiful pink carnations it has..
Twilight Woods
The colorful play of deep pink and purple makes this flower bouquet more mysterious and appealing th..
Love Vibe
If you are a person who likes bright colors, this flower vase will be a lucid choice to adorn your r..
Mysterious Garden
This bouquet is a wonderful mixture of three dozen pink and purple carnations with green rose buds c..
Girl Like You
This bouquet is simply filled with flowers of cool colors: purple, and pink, with touches of white a..
Love Poem
The pink is a light color but in this arrangement, three dozen pastel pink carnations are the highli..
Unforgettable Impressions
This floral gift highlights the pure beauty of pink carnations which are combined with some greenies..
Magic In The Air
Three dozen pink carnations are the symbol of respect and love. These beautiful flowers are nicely a..
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