Amazing New Year treat
Send something delicious to your loved one this special occasion. A charming basket has been filled ..
Apricot Blossom for Tet
The unique yellow Apricot blossom tree (50cm) can add beauty and color to any outdoor or indoor spac..
Bamboo of Luck (50cm)
The Lucky Bamboo is a perfect match when talk of keeping it at home or office.  The a..
Best Wishes
This elegant gift basket is filled with delicious gourmet treats for those who like variety in their..
Kumquat Tree 100cm
The kumquat tree, with its natural beauty and important role during Lunar New Year, the biggest cele..
Lucky Daisy for Tet (80cm)
The lucky daisy can be used for improvement inside your home while it helps you attract positive vit..
Lucky Tet
According to Vietnamese lengend, watermelon usualy represent luck and happiness in the family. Vietn..
Pair Sticky Rice Cakes
In Vietnam, sticky rice cake represents for luck, wealth, growth, good health and symbolizes perfect..
Yellow Orchid In A Vase
Send this striking arrangement of orchids to your friends and beloved! Seven pieces of yellowish pha..
Yellow Orchid In A Vase
“Special” and “vivid” are two words for this notable vase. Three pieces of brilliant yellowish phala..
50cm Kumquat Tree
In vietnamese culture, the kumquat tree is a popular decoration for the living room during Tet. Its ..
Prosperity & Joy
Make sure your recipients have everything they need for a special occasion in style. This basket inc..
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