Golden Fall
A box of four mooncake- Coconut- Jambon and five seeds- Bacon- Lotus seeds and melon seeds..
Moon Flavor
A box of four mooncake- Sausage, five seeds and two salted eggs- Coconut milk, melon seeds and two s..
Special mooncake
One Sticky rice mooncake with lotus seed and one salted egg..
Fall season
A box of four moon cakes: - Chocolate and Almond - Roast chicken - Green beans - CoconutA fruit bask..
Lotus Flavor
A box of four moon cakes: - Chocolate and Almond - Roast chicken - Green beans -..
Moon Season
Combo four mooncakes include- Sausage and 1 salted egg- Red bean with 1 salted egg- Green bean and 1..
Sweet Mooncake
One delicious mooncake (250gr) Melon seeds and green beans with two salted eggs Available during Mid..
Full Moon - 4 moon cakes
A box of four moon cakes: - Roasted Chicken- Green Tea- Black bean- Bacon..
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