1 Dozen White Lilies In A Bouquet
The combination of pink and green will be the most appropriate themes for you to choose a gift for a..
One dozen of red roses
$58.95 $54.95
1 Dozen Lilies And Fillers in A Bouquet
Pink lilies stand for the endless love, the happiness story never have the end. There's no better wa..
4 Dozen Pink Lilies And Roses In A Bouquet
All four dozen of pink lilies come in a class of white wrappers and an outstanding gold bow. This is..
3 Dozen Pink Lilies In A Vase
With just one simple grass vase and three dozen of bud flowers surrounded by blossom pink lilies, yo..
3 Dozen Mixed Lilies In A Bouquet
Thirty oriental lilies bloom among the green carpet of leaves, wrapped in alternating layers of pink..
3 Dozen White Lilies In A Bouquet
Three dozen of Casa Blanca lilies and white roses are arranged in a class of brown wrapping paper an..
2 Dozen Yellow Lilies And Roses In The Vase
The pastel pink roses gently stand next to twenty yellow lilies. This perfect couple are placed in c..
2 Dozen Pink Lilies In The Bouquet
Two dozen of oriental lilies are placed in pastel vase and white wrappers show a glory look. The big..
2 Dozen Pink Lilies In The Bouquet
Come in a class of purple striped wrapping paper, two dozen oriental lilies are standout on the gree..
2 Dozen White Lilies In The Bouquet
Green is the color of life, of movement. It also gives soothing view for the eyes. If you are lookin..
1 Dozen Pink Lilies and Red Roses In The Bouquet
This most beautiful bouquet of two dozen lilies come along with a layer of red roses and slender flo..
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