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Flower Care Instructions

Care for your flower

The short live of a bouquet is one thing that often make us frustrated with, but some of us may forget that fresh cut flowers are still living entities so that under the right conditions, we always can encourage them to last much longer. Below we outline some basic plant care tips from our expert local florists which will help to make your flowers last longer :

#1 Tip :

Every 2-3 days, change the water entirely and don’t forget to restock the water frequently everyday.

Flowers are very thirsty after shipping, please know that flowers can take up to 12 hours to hydrate properly one it’s been delivered. It is also not uncommon that the flower arrangement can suck up all the water in the vase within 1-2 days. So, please make sure that you keep the vase full to guarantee the florets don't dry out and shrink.as their stems sit in the water, Flower are susceptible to building up. That is the reason we should change the water every few days although the water hasn’t been used up, not only to keep the flowers fresh longer but also avoid the horrid rotten smell which will develop after a long time you let them sit there). For a flower arrangement, to re-fill the water without disturbing the design, you should let the water drain to the vase over a sink from the top.

#2 Tip:

Cut 1 to 2 inches off each flower stem at a 45° angle under water. Remove any leave which is below the water level of the vase.

The stems might dry out at the end and the cells might die since flowers sit out of water on the delivery way, which makes it difficult for the flowers to absorb water. Cutting the stems just before placing them in water again, you expose fresh tissue that can suck up the water much more efficiently. Few days after that, you should remove tissue at the tips that may be breaking down and once again expose fresh tissue that absorbs more water when you trim the stems.

#3 Tip:

Not like the plant to keep flowers last longer, you shouldn’t keep your flowers by the window- direct to sunlight or near the heat.

Some people think that flowers need the sunlight so they would live longer but fresh- cut flowers contrast with planted plants. They are at their peak of perfection. Sun and warmth will encourage them to "develop" and as the result their life would be shorten. Rather, keep your cut blooms in a cool area avoid the dazzling light to let them last fresh and longer.

#4 Tip:

Keep the flowers away from ripe fruits and vegetables, especially bananas and apples.

Ripe fruits emits a scentless undetectable gas called ethylene which is not dangerous for people but deadly to flowers. The science behind it is all things considered: in the plant world, florets are the forerunner of natural product. Once a blossom is fertilize, it starts to form into a natural product so it can frame seeds and begin the vegetation cycle over once more. Ethylene is the vaporous hormone in the plant that prompts that bloom to drop its petals and turn into a natural product. As the organic product develops, it keeps on radiating ethylene. When you place your flower arrangement by aging organic product, you're presenting them to this gas and they will choose that it would be wise to drop their petals the way Mother Nature expected.

#5 Tip:

There’s not many people notice to wash the vase after throw out the last arrangement, but this does effect the next flower arrangement you put in. So, ensure to wash the vase/container very thoroughly in hot soapy water or, your dishwasher is even better.

Dirty vases are the best environment for Bacteria to build up, even the vase dries out, they are still there. Once the water is added again, the vase will be full of bacteria and your new bouquet will be subjected to the same bacteria that killed the former bouquet. So that you should make sure the flowers have a fresh clean environment free of bacteria to ensure the longest life of flowers.

#6 Tip:

Do you know that cut flowers stop receiving nutrients from their roots so that it becomes your job to keep them fed and pleased. This will also help any unopened buds bloom.

Making a little effort with homemade vase will also help. Our expert florist advice that the best thing is the same thing the pros use: commercial flower food in packets. You always can buy a few extra food packets at many flower shops. As each packet is only enough food for 1 pint of water and you will need to change the water every few days.

#7 Tip:

A very sharp knife is needed to get a clean cut. With thicker woody stems, a sharp garden shear is also a good choice.

If the flowers are not cut underwater, be sure to get them in water as soon as possible after cutting. They should stay in fresh, clean water until you transfer them to a vase or put them into an arrangement. There are not many flower stems that can handle being bashed or split, so steer clear of that unless you know for sure it’s good for a particular flower.

#8 Tip:

In addition, if you add a tiny amount of bleach to the water, 1/4 tsp /quart of water, will keep the water clean and clear and avoid harmful microorganisms. But at the other side please make sure that you don’t use too much, it damage the flowers.