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Return And Refund Policy

Satisfaction Guarantee

HochiminhFlorist.com is operated by Cong Ty TNHH Thuong Mai ZAS. Our registered office address is atNumber 147, 22 Street, Ward 11, and District 6. HCMC, Vietnam. We take pride inour reputation for the freshness and quality of our products. However,sometimes the life of your flowers can be shortened for reasons over ourcontrol. These reasons may include factors like grower production, extremelyhigh weather temperatures, transportation, etc. Therefore, if your flowers wiltwithin 24 hours of delivery, and care instruction has been followed pleasecontact us and we will investigate the situation for you thoroughly. If it isdeemed that the flowers did not last as long as reasonably expected or that theincorrect flowers had been sent, then we will arrange a replacement base onyour comfort. By ordering on this website you are accepting these conditions.

Time Frame For Complaints

All complaints,questions, or any concerns regarding your order must be received within 24hours from the delivery either by email or phone call .

ThreeDay Return Policy

On normal condition, the flowers shouldlast from 3 to 7 days. However, the lifeof flowers sometimes can be shortened for many reasons which we can no controlsuch as grower production, temperature, transportation, etc. If yourflowers wilt within 3 days from the time delivery, although you’ve followed asthe care instructions, please contact us and we will solve this problem for youimmediately. We reservethe right to request photos or images of the original flowers. We require thatany dissatisfaction with the freshness of the flowers be communicated to uswithin 24 hours of delivery.

Incase you dispose of the original flowers or the images are unavailable, wecannot resend the flowers to you.

RefundAnd Return Policy

Ho Chi Minh Florist always try to guaranteecustomer satisfaction. In the circumstances that anything goes wrong, we willlisten to any feedbacks and provide prompt solutions. Our customer servicestaffs are trained to support any customers’ concern and can decide on anappropriate course of action for you on the spot.


 Ifthe order is cancelled by the customer within 5 business days(excluding weekend) before the delivery date, customer will get full refund.

 Ifthe order is cancelled by the customer within 3 business days(excluding weekend) before the delivery date, customer will get refund of 50%of the total amount.

 Ifthe order is cancelled by the customerless than 3 days before the delivery date, no refund will be made.

Return& Replace

If you are dissatisfied with the product for a validreason, theproduct maybe replaced when you send backthe product as deliveredwithin 3 working days, but cannot be refunded.

Wewill surely replace the product if you can inform us within 24 hours on delivery ofyour product if:

 Faultyitems.

 Itemsdamaged in delivery.

Items cannot be exchanged with any otheritems.

Please note that all refunds for orders placed online or overthe telephone are credited back to the original credit card on which the orderwas purchased initially or to the paypal account or bank account, if that formof payment is selected. Refunds for in-store purchases may be processed throughthe original credit card for which the order was purchased. A voucher to thesame amount paid will be issued for all cash purchases.


The price on this websiteis in USD. The price for all products include service charge but not deliveryfee.

Limited Liability

Wedo not take any responsibility for any indirect loss, harm, loss of enjoyment,business, or goodwill other than death or personal injury resulting from ournegligence.