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Terms & Conditions

Our Quality

Hochiminhflorist.com is operated by Cong Ty TNHH Thuong Mai Zas and we guarantee highest quality product and services. Each order includes the highest-grade products which are collected thoroughly. For any complaint of the client,we are willing to investigate precisely. Refundsor product replacements will be given in the event of all genuine complaints. Before having any complaint, please be sure that the following care procedure has been followed. In the unlikely event you are not entirely satisfied with your order please contact us through email or phone number.

General Terms Of Business

All the businesses that are conducted from this websiteare covered by the following terms and conditions, and shall apply to theexclusion of any other terms and conditions. Any changes of terms andconditions shall only be effective if agreed by us. This web-site may containlinks to other web-sites on the internet. And we are not responsible for the qualityof products or the content of those web-sites. All trademarks, copyrights andother intellectual property rights in the content and design in this web-siteare reserved to us and our licensors. Any copying of the design or contents orother unauthorized use will infringe our rights. We are unable to confirm thatall the information set out on this web-site is accurate or complete or thatuse of the site is free of risk or virus or other damage.

Range Of Products And Substitution

There are someproduct ranges that are not available at all locations at the same time. We will notify the clientswhen the product you chooseis not available in the delivery location. If the product you want to deliver is not available inthe delivery location we can offer you an alternative product. With the orders out of our delivery network are 'Nationwide' deliveries. They are conducted by our connectedand proven dedicated local florists. These products are unbranded and notpackaged in our branded packaging.

Cakes and chocolates as gifts (and not as add ons) in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi are suppliedby third parties which are prestige stores.

We always make every effortto accomplish the orders in compliance with the descriptions, however some flowers are only exist seasonally.We have the right tosubstitute products and items ifnecessary. We take extra care to ensure the final product is similar in qualityto the requested item. We ensure the substitutionsand alternatives have quality and value as the product you have chosen.

In somecircumstances , ifthe main kind of flower of the product have to be replaced, we notify and ask your idea; if we cannot contact you with the contact information provided, we will proceedwith the substitution our florists choose to avoiddelayingin the delivery. Roses, however, will never be replaced with other flowers without requestingyour confirmation first.

If our florist does not have a certain additionalproduct, the delivery will be made without said item and we will refund the sumof the product in question.

ImageAnd Products

For photographyand decoration, some things suchas dishes, glasses or other props may be used for display purposes and are notincluded with the final product. The itemised product description available onthe product page outlines the contents of final products.

Some products contain the items listed in thedescriptions. In most cased vases and other items are not included, unlessspecifically mentioned in the product description. Photographs of flower bouquetsrepresent the average bouquet size. There may be minor variations in thebouquet’s composition and shape and its contents

Each of our bouquet is different and hand mane, so they would mostdefinitely not look alike. Every effort is made to match orders as closely aspossible to the product photographs and descriptions. While slight variationsare sometimes necessary, the concept and quality of the item ordered are alwaysguaranteed.

Thephotographs we use in orderto illustrate our complementary products. We do not represent any particular brand. These products aresent from our florists and their availability depends on the season and onstock

Things About Roses To Consider

Roses are quite unique and special, they come in allshapes and sizes. Some roses open fully and some remain closed, while somevarieties are quite fragrant, while others are attractive for their pure beautyand elegance. It is also important to note that the ranges of roses in coolermonths are not as vast as it is in the warmer, summer months. Also, the rosesavailable in winter are generally less fragrant. This does not mean they are ina lower quality, they are simply a different variation. In some cases, youmight want to have closed roses but available rose varieties would be open andthat should be admired for their natural characteristics and loving messageswith which they were sent. Therefore, Hochiminhflorist reserves the right todeliver what is available without any further notice.

Purchase And Sale Of Alcohol

At Hochiminhflorist, we support the Responsible Serviceof Alcohol. Purchaser Representation: By choosing the ‘I agree’ button in thecheckout, the purchaser represents that they and the recipient, are over 18years old. The sender of the item is responsiblefor ensuring that their order complies with the law in this regard and absolvesus and ours subsidiaries of any responsibility inthis regard..

For delivery of the alcoholproducts, the recipient may be required to provide a valid ID forproof of age and sign for the goods.

Restricted Use

You are given access to this site just for your own andnon-business utilize. You may not hinder or endeavor to intrude on theoperation of the site in any capacity, or utilize the site in a way thatunfavorably influences the accessibility of its assets to others

Specific Warnings

Flowers and foliage are not for human or animalconsumption. You must notify us once placing the order for flowers if theRecipient has any allergies to any particular types of flowers. If you do notdo so, we will not be able to take any allergies into account when providingthe products. We do not take responsibility for:

a. any utilization of this website which isillegal or prohibited by laws which apply to you;

b. any interference or harm to your owncomputer which arises in connection with your use of this website;

c. losses you may suffer due to unauthorizedaccess to or changes of your transmissions or data or of information on yourcomputer or this website; or

d. malfunctions to computers, hardware orsoftware, or for other errors, failures, or delays in computer transmissions ornetwork connections or for lost, late, damaged, illegible, incomplete or misledinformation.


You will, to the maximum extent allowed by the law, atall times and from time to time indemnify, and keep indemnified, us and our executives,officers, specialists and employees (together the “Indemnified Party”) safefrom and against all liabilities, losses, harms, costs or expenses directly orindirectly incurred or suffered by the Indemnified Party, and from and againstall actions, procedures, claims or requests made against the Indemnified Partyas a result of:

(a) your use of the website;

(b) your use of products purchased from us;

(c) your provision of incorrect informationto us; or

(d) any breach of these Terms.


We will not take responsibility including death to you inrespect of any loss or damage (including indirect, special, or consequentialloss or damage) which may be endured or incurred by you or which may arisedirectly or indirectly in respect of:

(a) your use of this website;

(b) any loss arising out of your use of,reliance on or failure to act, on any information contained on or accessedthrough this website;

(c) errors, mistakes or omissions on thiswebsite;

(d) goods or services supplied pursuant toan order placed on this website; and/or

(e) any failure or omission on our part tocomply with our obligations as set out in the Terms.

Unexpected Circumstances

In the event that by reason of any reality, situation,matter or thing beyond our reasonable control, including but not limited tolockout or other interference with work, blockade, disturbance, lightning,fire, earthquake, storm, flood, explosion, governmental or quasi-governmentalrestraint, unavailability or delay in availability of equipment or transport,we are unable to perform any obligation under this agreement, we are relievedof that obligation to the extent that we are so unable to perform and are notbe liable to you in respect of such failure


HochiminhFlorist will issue an order reference numberautomatically after processing card payment. This is for confirmation that wehave received your order. Please make sure you enter your correct email addressin the appropriate field on our order form as we cannot accept responsibilityif you do not receive email confirmation. Please keep a note of your personalorder number for further reference. If there is any issues with your order , pleasecall us urgently and we will confirm the status of your order. We will attemptto satisfy your order to the best of our ability and we reserve the right tocancel or refuse to accept an order request in whole or in part at any time. Weprefer to have at least 48 hours’ notice of order request. If your order isplaced after the deadline, it will betreated as though it had been placed before the deadline for the following day.We cannot accept orders placed more than a year before the date of delivery.

Delivery Information

Hochiminhflorist delivers nationwide in Vietnam, in 63/63provinces. Operates 7 (seven) days a week.

We currently deliver only in Vietnam through our localflorists & our own delivery team.

We are unable to process orders for delivery to P.O.Boxes or APOs. Please give us shipping details including address of therecipient and phone number to avoid delay.


At Hochiminhflorist we aim to deliver your gifts asrequested, however exact delivery time is not guaranteed, as it depends on theavailability of our logistics partners and our local florists. In some cases,depending on the date and destination chosen, you will be given the option ofchoosing between morning or afternoon delivery.

Deliveries Not Arrived On Time:

For any unforeseen circumstances, if we were unable todeliver your order on the selected date due to circumstances within ourcontrol, you would be entitled to a full refund. If, on the other hand, we wereunable to make a delivery due to circumstances beyond our control (for example,the recipient was not at home), you would not be entitled to a refund.

Incorrect Or Incomplete Delivery Details AndAddress:

In the circumstances that you provide us incorrect orincomplete delivery, we will not be able to guarantee delivery. If our deliverypersonnel report that the delivery address is incorrect, we will attempt to contactyou to confirm the details or to acquire additional information from you. Pleasenote that changes should be made at least three business days before thescheduled delivery date. Hochiminhflorist.com will not be liable if your ordercannot be delivered due to incorrect or incomplete delivery information, andtherefore will not be entitled to a refund.

Restricted Locations:

Please bear in mind that orders sent to hospitals, universities,hotels, residential homes, companies, or public buildings are not guaranteed,but in most cases arrive as requested. If your delivery is going to theselocations, please provide the recipient’s name and telephone number and as manydetails as possible.

In the case of hospitals, we will need the recipient’s buildingand room number. We will attempt to deliver your flower or gift in accordancewith each establishment’s procedures, but we cannot be held liable if theseprocedures prevent successful delivery. Please note that many hospitals do notpermit delivery to individual rooms or flower delivery at all. Therefore, pleasecheck with the hospital before placing your order.

If you wish to send flowers to the recipient staying in ahotel, you should specify their room number (if possible) and the name of theperson under which the booking was made.

Hochiminhflorist will not issue a refund if a deliverycannot be made due to these circumstances and or any PO Box address.

Refused By Recipient:

Hochiminhflorist would not be responsible and issuerefunds when the recipient refuse to receive the gifts.

Alteration In Order Arrangements

Please contact our Customer Service [email protected] in case you want to make anychanges. These changes should be made at least three business days before the scheduleddelivery date. Or you will not be entitled any refund or replacement.

Special Day Deliveries:

In periods with large volume of orders (such as Christmasor Valentine’s Day, women’s day, mother’s day), some of the aforementionedpolicies may be subject to changes:

- Changes and Cancellations: We cannot guarantee theexecution of order changes or cancellations if they are not requested in thetime period stipulated above.

- Delivery Times: We cannot guarantee morning orafternoon delivery though you were given the option of choosing the time slotwhen placing your order.

- In some cases, and provided notification is given whenplacing your order, we will not be able to guarantee the delivery of your orderon the chosen date and it will be made at the first available time

Special Requests:

We always aim to satisfy customer request but cannotguarantee any special requests will be met. If such requests cannot be met, youwill not be entitled to a refund.

Same Day Deliveries

To ensure orders could be delivered on the same day,orders must be received by 11am local Vietnamese time

Sundays / Public Holidays

At Hochiminh Florist, we will aim to deliver your floweror gifts as requested. However if we are unable to process your request, yourorder will be delivered on the next business day.

Urgent Deliveries.

At Hochiminhsflorist, we do not follow any stringentdelivery guidelines, we will do our best to fulfill every customer’s individualdelivery requirements. Please contact us if you have any special requirement. Funeraldeliveries are guaranteed by service times.

Recipient Not Home

If the recipient not be at home when the delivery ismade, the item will be left to the driver to leave flowers in a safe andprotected place. This may include leaving with neighbours, if so, a callingcard will be left under the door or in the letterbox. Hochiminhflorist wouldnot take any responsibility regarding this if the items are damaged or melted(cakes, chocolates) regarding this and you would not be entitled arefund.

Ownership And Trademarks:

HochiminhFlorist.com is operated by Cong Ty TNHH ThuongMai ZAS. Our registered office address is at Number 147, 22 Street, Ward 11, District6. HCMC, Vietnam. All the trademarks, product names, and company names andlogos appearing on this Web Site are the property of their respective owners.