1. What is the meaning of Reward Point?

Reward Point is a number that customers will gain according to purchase items from our website.

We will send the Reward Points you get from your ordered products to your personal Account and inform you about it via Email once again,after the successful delivery

Each Item on our website has a Reward Point itself.

Remaining Reward Points

Every 20 Reward Points would be equivalent to $1

Which Means If you purchase the product cost $100 you will have $5 as the credit for your next order with us.

  1. What can Reward Point bring to customers?

With those Reward Points customers get after placing the previous orders with us, you can apply it as a discount for your future purchase.The Reward Point which is equivalent to a particular amount that will decrease your future total payment.

  1. Where to find Reward Point?

Step1: Click the “My Account” button on the right top side of Hochi Minh Florist website.

Find Reward Points

Step2: If you have not had an Account, all you need to do is simply registering a brand new one via our website. There is a better advantage of creating an Account rather placing the order as a Guest Checkout that you can save your Reward Points and use it whenever you want. These Reward Points will bring you benefits of saving up for your purchase when you place the order with us.

Account Setup & Login

Step3:  an Account, you can check your own Reward Point status by choosing the tab as showed picture.

Reward Points Checkings

Step4: Your Reward Points goes along with the Order number that has beenshown in the picture in details.

Total Number of reward points

  1. Way to use Reward Point?

Since you last order with us, your Reward Points have been saved as in the picture. It is available for you to choose whether you want to use it for this new order not. Click on the downward arrow and fill in the desired amount in the box.

Shopping Cart

Finally,it will be automatically transferred to the actual amount that saves up for your new order

Reward Transfer to New Order