Apricot Blossom for Tet
The unique yellow Apricot blossom tree (50cm) can add beauty and color to any outdoor or indoor spac..
Bamboo of Luck (50cm)
The Lucky Bamboo is a perfect match when talk of keeping it at home or office.  The a..
Kumquat Tree 100cm
The kumquat tree, with its natural beauty and important role during Lunar New Year, the biggest cele..
Lucky Daisy for Tet (80cm)
The lucky daisy can be used for improvement inside your home while it helps you attract positive vit..
Yellow Orchid In A Vase
“Special” and “vivid” are two words for this notable vase. Three pieces of brilliant yellowish phala..
Yellow Orchid In A Vase
Send this striking arrangement of orchids to your friends and beloved! Seven pieces of yellowish pha..
50cm Kumquat Tree
In vietnamese culture, the kumquat tree is a popular decoration for the living room during Tet. Its ..
Kumquat Tree 80cm
As Tet Holiday approaches, many Vietnamese crowd into the kumquat orchard market to choose the right..
Purple Orchid In A Vase
For anyone who loves planting flowers, get this vase! Six pieces of graceful purple phalaenopsis orc..
Succulent  garden 7
Life is tough so it need to be fill with positive energy so it is perfect when you surprise someone ..
Succulent  garden 6
If you still disturb what should be bought for someone in a special occasion, this one is really a b..
Succulent  garden 5
Let make your loved ones feel how much you appriciate them by giving them this lovely garden as a gi..
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