2 Dozen Red Roses In A Vase
This vintage vase is the indication of your timeless love which is valuable and romantic like reddes..
2 Dozen White Lilies In The Bouquet
The expression when you look at this bouquet is both gentle and passionate. It is build up from twen..
2 Dozen White Lilies In The Bouquet
Green is the color of life, of movement. It also gives soothing view for the eyes. If you are lookin..
2 Dozen White Roses in Bouquet
Desire to atonish someone special? A bouquet of 24 white pearl roses with fresh greens will do it ri..
2 Dozen Yellow Lilies And Roses In The Vase
The pastel pink roses gently stand next to twenty yellow lilies. This perfect couple are placed in c..
2 Dozen Yellow Lilies In The Bouquet
Yellow symbolizes wealth and good health. It is also the color of the Sun. Just a simple bouquet wit..
3 Dozen Mixed Lilies In A Bouquet
Thirty oriental lilies bloom among the green carpet of leaves, wrapped in alternating layers of pink..
3 Dozen Mixed Roses In A Bouquet
This bouquet of three dozen roses mixed between red, white and pinky roses is just like a cotton can..
3 Dozen Mixed Roses In A Bouquet
A combination of 36 roses including white, pink and red color in just one bouquet definitely knows h..
3 Dozen Pink Lilies In A Vase
With just one simple grass vase and three dozen of bud flowers surrounded by blossom pink lilies, yo..
3 Dozen Pink Roses In A Basket
Pink is for sure most of girls' favorite colour. This basket of three dozen roses is hand-designed w..
3 Dozen Pink Roses In A Bouquet
This bouquet of 36 roses consists of pink decorated with beautiful hydrangeas and mini filers is a ..
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