Teddy Bear
This adorable chocolate color teddy bear is made up of fine quality foam, soft fabric and special fu..
Hippo Pillow
This huge but adorable Hippo stuff animal! Created from expensive and baby-safe materials, this plu..
Giant Teddy Bear 1.6M!!
$135.95 $128.95
What a marvelous plush toy in large size! An alluring light honey color teddy bear wearing fashionab..
Giant Teddy Bear (160cm)
$166.95 $133.95
As an incredible gift, this light color teddy bear with lovely scarf satisfies your senses. Made out..
Be Mine Teddy 60cm
$61.95 $52.95
This Teddy Bear is so adorable. So fluffy and warm, it is one of the world best bear designs for eve..
Cute Teddy Bear (100CM)
$126.95 $106.95
What an imposing teddy bear! This adorable teddy bear stuffed animal wearing vivid red t-shirt wit..
Giant Teddy Bear 100CM !!
$130.95 $106.95
This lovely light gray plush bear is extremely cutie in his own gray T-Shirt. Speckling with tiny sc..
Combo of Big Teddy + Roses + Chocolat
*Small size- 1 Ferrero Rocher Box ( 16pcs)- 1 Bouquet Of 12 Roses- 60 cm Teddy Beart( LIGHT BROWN/ D..
Roses And Teddy
- Three purple roses and sunflowers in the vase - Cute teddy bear..
Mix Flower And Teddy
- Three pink lilies and gerberas with filler in the box - Cute teddy bear*For Outside Hochiminh del..
Roses, Chocolate  And Teddy
Combo Gifts:* A bouquet of 10 red roses * Chocolate Box/Bar* Teddy Bear*If the same designed Te..
Teddy And Roses
- Two yellow lilies with roses and approriate daisies in the box - Cute teddy bearDelivery in Ho Chi..
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