We deliver 63/63 provinces in Vietnam with same-day delivery option. Fast and reliable!

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Ho Chi Minh Florist is a service providing flower delivery online to Vietnam for people who are living abroad as well as for customers who live in Vietnam have the demand for sending flowers to Ho Chi Minh City , Hanoi and 63 provinces across Vietnam.

With the desire to create a fully online service, we but also send gifts to Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh Florist is honored to serve and bring satisfaction to you.


We are proud of being one of the leading local florists in Vietnam. At Ho Chi Minh Florist, you can be sure that you are dealing with someone local who would offer only the most beautiful Flower bouquets, high quality products and fast, reliable vietnam flower delivery with all of passion and skills. We are running the operation in Vietnam so we ensure you are taken care of well. Plus, our excellent customer service with live chat and email will commit to quality, guarantee. We can assist whenever you need. We also keep an eye on your special orders and keep you posted about your order status by SMS service and email.

At Ho Chi Minh Florist, only the freshest and best quality products are sent at a quickest possible time within three hours, ensure your quality, ensure 100% smiles.

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Flowers have long become indispensable part of the special occasions. Flowers would be on behalf of senders to bring the messages, as well as their thoughts and their feelings to recipients. Understanding that need of customers, we offer flower and gift delivery online to Vietnam for customers who want to give flowers to their beloved people.

Ho Chi Minh Florist can help you to send flowers to Vietnam on an extensive network, 63/63 provinces. We cooperated with a lot of reliable florists from all area across Vietnam to ensure the input are always fresh and maintain freshness as long as possible. Because of the local supply, customers can be assured that we make it possible for you to have cheap flowers to Vietnam.

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