Fond Farewell
A garden of one dozen soft pink roses, lisianthus, white lilies, and many blooms will add bright smi..
Sweet Surprise
Filled with one dozen hot pink roses, white blooms, and the big leaves that stay below, this vase is..
Endless Love
$58.95 $56.95
Send our elegant arrangement of one dozen white roses with luxuriant greenery to the special one and..
Twinkling Tenderness
$58.95 $54.95
Once you want to extend your warm wishes to someone you care about, go with this glass vase of one d..
Cause I Love You
Another lovely vase to look at. One dozen red gerberas and pink roses are nicely arranged to complem..
My Destiny
A simple but lovely design. A dozen of red carnations and white roses were put together with some fi..
Take my Hands
This is a nice combo including a flower vase and teddy bear. This mix shows real love as endlessly a..
Vibrant mix
This is a striking beauty! The marvelous arrangement of thirty six white gerbera and red roses ..
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